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  • Titanium grade2
  • Titanium grade5



As called the “workhorse” of the commercially pure titanium industry, Grade 2 titanium is has varied usability and wide availability because it has good performance such as Good weld ability, strength, ductility and formability, Low weight ratio, Excellent corrosion resistance etc.. It has many of the same qualities as grade 1 titanium, but it is a little stronger. 

Titanium grade5 / UNS R56400


Known as the “workhorse” of the titanium alloys, Ti 6Al-4V, or Grade 5 titanium, is the most commonly used of all titanium alloys. This alloy offers its high strength at a light weight, useful formability and high corrosion resistance. High strength
Especially it’s characteristics of Low weight ratio, Outstanding corrosion resistance, Good mach inability, Excellent mechanical properties etc..
It accounts for 50 percent of total titanium usage the world over. Ti 6Al-4V may be heat treated to increase its strength. It can be used in welded construction at service temperatures of up to 600° F. 

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